Equalizer Studio Group is a media artist team that utilizes multiple mirrorless cameras to reassemble the real world. The Panorama Vision technique, captured with three cameras, is a shooting method that aims to capture "as it appears to the eye." Particularly, through their Long Exposure series, they create visual effects that blur the boundaries between movement and stillness, exploring the essence of time.

James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) captured a long-exposure photograph directed towards the dark expanse of space, which was initially mocked as a small experiment. In that seemingly empty space, planets that we had never seen before began to emerge densely. These artworks, encapsulating long spans of time, signify new "discoveries."
Those who observe these works can experience the reconstruction of the reality world, where only the essence remains while the flow disappears. The artist engages in the task of uncovering and reimagining the essence of each city through the "City Night" series.