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License user are not allowed to disclose, distribute and reproduce second artworks  by modifying/editing media art contents delivered by purchasing a media art content license.

License user can purchase a media art content license and use it for playback purposes on media installed in commercial spaces such as hotels/shopping malls/cafes.  We strongly do not allow all commercial use, in case of purchase a media art content license from LED.ART and modify/edit content to second artworks; disclosing, reproducing, distributing, exhibiting, and selling it for print/ad/packaging/product production.

The media art content license serviced by LED.ART can be purchased on behalf of actual media user. However, when you fill in the user information, the user must be specified as the actual media ower (or operator) and actual using site and media information should be applied.

License user can not using a media art content to multiple place (site), since media art contents limits one media in one place where agreed upon in advance, one license user. If you wish to use it to additional media, a separate license purchase is required. If you would like to use multiple midia, please contact to CS team (CS@LED.ART)

The media art content license provided by LED.ART grants users non-exclusive and non-transferable rights and licenses to use, operate, play, and display media art content on sites that are allowed to be used for a pre-agreed period. License user must not re-license the content, subcontracted, delegated, transferred to others without prior written consent. If you wish to exclusive use of specific industries, regions or periods, please contact to CS team (CS@LED.ART)

SINGLE LICENSE provides individual media art content which can be used for a specific duration, and you can choose a period of 1/3/6/9/12 months or PERMANENT as duration. Each period is the max period, for example, if you want to use it for two months, you have to purchase a three-month license. we recommend using it in short-term events and festival, and emergency projects with firmed schedule.

ENTERPRISE LICENSE is subscription-type license that allows you to use eight of the various media art contents serviced by LED.ART on a yearly basis and contract will be renewed/extended on an annual basis. we recommend using it in the long-term operation media on the site.

Depends on the type of media art content license, quantity, duration and payment terms, we provide two plans of license: SINGLE license and ENTERPRISE license.

The media art content license serviced by LED.ART can be used in large format displays such as LED and LCD installed in pre-agreed place (site) or in media installed through projection mapping.

Using a media art content license, License user can use the media art content for the purpose of operation, public playback, and public display. and also can use in places (site) operated for indoor, outdoor, commercial or non-commercial purposes such as corporate lobby, hotel, casino, shopping mall, museum, museum, experience center, etc.

'The media art content license serviced by LED.ART is limits A media in one place (site) where agreed upon in advance, one license user. and can be used non-exclusively for a set period.