If you have any question, please contact to

Our media art works are tailored and delivered specifically for the display device you have designated and informed us of. As such, they are technically unfit for any other display device, and we are unable to amend, edit, re-work or change once your order has been processed. In particular, no withdrawal, termination or refund is available for the reasons of:

- change of mind

- problems caused by and at incompatible display system (e.g. buffer and freeze, poor resolution, colour distortion)

- any other techincal errors not related to our works 

Media art content will be delivered 'one time' through download service platform (Google Drive or Dropbox) which is in a zip compressed file format with a unique password given to each license user.

After ordering the license, signed the contract and payment is completed, It takes about five business days for delivery. If you have a special occasion or in urgency, please contact to CS team (CS@LED.ART)

If you cancel your purchase after ordering a media art content license, the purchase cancellation conditions will be different according to each of the following steps;

1. In case of free charge of cancellation:

- Before Invoice is issued.

2. In case of 10% of cancellation fee is occurred:

- After payment is completed.

3. In case of cancellation is impossible:

- After licensed media art content is delivered.

For other case, your order can be cancelled or order confirmation can be delayed under LED.ART service/License terms and conditions. For details, you may check the LED.ART service/License terms and conditions. For the other information, please contact to CS team (CS@LED.ART)

Payment process will be following as below;

Contract signed > Invoice issued > payment proceeded to designated deposit account > Payment confirmation 

After the cotract is signed following the order procedure, Invoice will be issued.

If there is any needed information in order to issuing the Invoice, CS team(CS@LED.ART) will reach you directly and advise the details. After designated deposit account is given to you and payment is proceeded, payment process will be completed.

After selecting the media art content you would like to license, select the following;


> License period (for SINGLE)

If you fill out and submit the information requested from order step, CS team will reach you in order to check media information and additional information (if necessary) through the contact number you filled out. After checking, order will be confirmed and proceeded as below.

> Order confirmation (Contract confirmation)

> Sign the Contract (E-signature)

> Payment (Preparation for media art content delivery and issuance of tax invoices)

> Media art content delivery and site application.

Licensed media art content will be delivered after total Invoice value is paid at one time.

For the other information, please contact to CS team (CS@LED.ART)