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Due to the varying type, quality and use environment, the colours and resolution of our art works played on your display screen may appear differently from as seen on your monitor screen. We are unable to adjust or retouch the colours, contrast, brightness or any other aesthetic aspect of our works to suit your particular display or use requirement. Our art works are licensed 'as is' in an electronic file, and the performance of our art works will rest with you.

The media art content provided by LED.ART is a service that licenses content that can be quickly used for various types of displays. Unlike a stock service that provides a image or video file which can be a basic source for create various artworks, LED.ART's media art content license provides a completed artworks that can be played and used, without re-produce, on large format of display installed/operated indoors and outdoors. LED.ART is a media art content licensing platform presented by d’strict, a world-class digital design company famous for stunning public media art works, and CJ CGV, a global digital space experience company.

We highly recommended that to decompress the file only once on the media server that you actually use licensed media art content. After the decompress, you may register and play content with player or CMS used by that media.

All media art contents that you ordered will be delivered after adjust to fit on license user's media, so that license user can apply the content to user's media immediately after receiving. 

In order to make process faster, you can prepare below information and delivery to us in advance.


- MEDIA SPEC : Ex) (w)13m * (h)5m / LED 2.5pitch

- RESOLUTION: Ex) (w) 17,340 pixels * (h) 5,450 pixels




- FRAME RATE : Ex) 30 fps / 25 fps

- BIT RATE: Ex) 5 - 10 Mbps.

- MAXIUM FILE SIZE : Ex) 500MB (per file) 



- CHANNELS : Ex) Stereo

- SAMPLE RATE: Ex) 48,000 Hz

- BITRATE: Ex) 192 Kbps

Most of media art contents serviced by LED.ART can be customized for media that have high-resolutions (over 6K) or irregular ratios. If you advise us the content you would like to use and your media spec (resoltion/ratios), our CS team(CS@LED.ART) will check and revert to you with answer whether it is available or not.

All media art contents serviced by LED.ART can be supported up to 4K resolution, and some media art contents can be supported up to 8K resolution. You can check the lowest/highest resolution range on each media art content detail page. If you need any help regards to resolution, please contact to CS team (CS@LED.ART)

Our team are also available to create new content.

If you can't find the media art content you wantin LED.ART and would like to create tailor-made content only for  your special space and media, you can order new media art content to us.

Among the media art contents serviced by LED.ART, if you would like to modify/change the object shape, color, etc. to suit your taste; or if the user's media resolution is too large (more than 6K); or if the ratio of the media art content you want to use does not match the user's media, you can customize the media art content via require.

If you want to create new content, please contact to CS team (CS@LED.ART).